Analytic Research Division

Genesis is proud to provide advanced analytic services to the nutraceutical and food supplement industry. Our advanced analytic department verifies and certifies the purity and potency of all ingredients used in any products that Genesis develops and manufactures. We provide these same and other testing processes to suppliers and manufacturers in the industry in order to maintain the integrity and safety of our marketplace. Testing is conducted in a variety of ways depending on the nature of the compound. Our in-house testing abilities include: HPLC, UV-VIS, GCMS, and other analytic techniques, We also work with a major accredited State University which provides further in-depth analysis.

Research and Development

At Genesis we continually seek out new and innovative products and product combinations that will enhance our existing lines. Our development team devises innovative applications for compounds based on cutting edge research and validated customer feedback. Working in conjunction with other researchers and organizations globally, we find products that would otherwise go unnoticed for our unique uses.

Some current areas of research and product development include:

      • plant based nootropic compounds
      • transdermal carriers
      • slow-release subcutaneous delivery methods
      • unique growth hormone stimulants, short-chain peptides, olfactory stimulators
      • high potency IV nutrient solutions
      • sucrase and amyalase inhibitors

Innovative, Mindful, and Trusted

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