Mission statement: Genesis Laboratories International is committed to providing the finest quality, most cutting-edge products at affordable costs to all customers. Genesis is particularly focused on helping people who are disadvantaged or suffering hardships in areas around the world. We produce products that help with major problems, such as diabetes, weight control, and general decline in heath due to aging, and we seek resolutions to major problems that hinder our society.

Our motto: Innovative, Mindful,Trusted!

This is also embodied in our Business Ethics as: T.E.A.M. – Together Everyone Achieves More.
Genesis, our clients, and the global environment; Now that’s a team!

Genesis Laboratories International develops, manufactures, packages, markets, and distributes a specialized line of nutraceutical products under our own label. Over 90% of our products are patented and unique in the marketplace. Additionally, we produce a limited number of private label nutraceutical and pharmaceutical products for other companies, as well as providing certain high volume generic pharmaceuticals for government and non-government (NGO) organizations for humanitarian projects and public welfare.
At Genesis we seek to cultivate strong and dependable customer relationships by listening to our customers needs and fulfilling them accurately. We focus primarily on designing and formulating specialized products  and researching the needs of our unique audiences in order to keep on the cutting edge of our marketplace. Our existing product lines are maintained in adequate inventory levels and shipped through responsive order filling system to satisfy our customer’s needs. We endeavor to fill and ship all orders within no more than three days of the date that we receive the order.
We take extreme pride in our state of the art R&D, and manufacturing facilities, which meet or exceed the highest standards in the industry for sterility and safety, while meeting all Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), FDA, and ISO 9001 standards of quality management . We act at the synthesis and production level of the raw starting materials for our products, thereby insuring the highest quality from the first step to the last. We also maintain a 2,000 square meter product storage and distribution center which is kept under strict environmental control to assure no product degradation in the storage and fulfillment process.