At Genesis we strive to take everything we do to the highest level of excellence. When it comes to partnerships, this means working with the best in the industry, and that is just what we do. Here you will find the partner companies we work with to produce raw materials and manufacture finished products. Genesis is proud to be part of these amazing companies and looks forward to many years of strong partnerships, and friendships.


Solara Labs

Solara is the exclusive manufacturer of all Genesis nutraceutical products. Drawing on extensive experience from many years of design work in the pharmaceutical industry, owner and founder Jose Roca has patented many products and maintains the highest integrity in all aspects of his business.

SOLARA specializes in innovative and proprietary delivery technologies for the nutraceutical market. As a nutraceutical company, we integrate our expertise in the pharmaceutical drug delivery field with the development and manufacturing of high quality nutritional supplement formulations to help improve people’s health.

One of SOLARA’S specialties is the utilization of proprietary Solid Modified-Release delivery processes to create a variety of fast-melting tablets and granules, which are designed for rapid disintegration, a smooth mouth feel and immediate availability for absorption. These formulations have a great taste, perform beyond expectations and are highly cost effective. SOLARA has developed a wide range of private label products and services, which along with their expertise and rigorous quality systems provide excellent value and differentiation.

SOLARA is a fully integrated Research & Development (R&D) and private label manufacturing facility located in South Florida. We have the capability to lead a project from initial concept to product development feasibility, prototype formulation, through to product scale-up manufacturing and finished product packaging. SOLARA is devoted to manufacturing products that meet the safest and highest quality standards, batch-to-batch consistency, innovation and outstanding service.


Algae to Omega Holdings

Algae to Omega Holdings, Inc. and its subsidiaries produce, market and distribute algae derived products. The company utilizes environmentally clean technologies, coupled with innovative production methods and proprietary technologies to cultivate and harvest algae biomass to supply organic raw materials for the functional foods, nutraceutical, animal feed and personal care markets. The Company’s focus is to produce and sell high demand products that will be used to manufacture nutraceutical products such as Astaxanthin and contaminant-free Omega 3 oil for human and animal nutrition as well as natural raw materials for the beauty and personal care industries.

Algae to Omega’s proprietary “state of the art” closed looped production system combines a unique technology for cultivating algae in a controlled environment and methodologies for separation and extraction of omega 3 oil, astaxanthin and other high valued nutrients. Our team of experts and scientific researchers have devised a scalable modular production system that is low-cost, energy-efficient and environmentally sound. The Omega system generates faster algal growth rates versus less efficient open pond and non-continuous closed-loop systems. Furthermore, the Company has developed a whole cell extraction technology that utilizes a unique blend of oils, food grade acids and low heat during the extraction process. This allows the Company to omit certain energy intensive steps and reduce production costs. Typically most companies utilize supercritical CO2 extraction, which exposes heat-sensitive oils to temperatures as high as 400F or Hexane, which is carcinogenic and has to be removed from the end product. Algae2Omega’s Whole Cell Extraction technology is a chemical free process, which replaces typically used harsh solvents and high heat while preserving the bioavailability of the products.

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